King Park Hotel Mandalay, Myanmar

About Mandalay

Mandalay Burma’s

Mandalay is a city in Burma’s northern Mandalay Division on the Irrawaddy River. The intact Mandalay Palace from the Konbaung Dynasty, encircled by a moat, is in the town center. Mandalay Hill provides views of the city from its peak, which can be climbed via an underground stairway. Hundreds of Buddhist scripture-inscribed marble slabs are housed at the Kuthodaw Pagoda at its base.

Mandalay is Myanmar’s second-largest city and its last royal capital. It is also the country’s cultural center, home to more than a third of Myanmar’s monks and over half of its academics. Mandalay was founded in 1857 by King Mindon Min and became the royal capital in 1860. During British rule (1885-1942), Mandalay was the capital of Upper Burma.

Mandalay is Myanmar’s economic hub and its largest city outside of Yangon. It is also a major transportation hub, with regular flights to domestic and international destinations, as well as being a stop on the country’s extensive railway network.

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